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As a business owner, your financial needs are constantly changing. Within a relatively short period of time you may need to deal with a range of financial decisions:


  • Raising capital for growing working capital or purchasing new equipment
  • Refinancing maturing debt, or loans from a bank that can no longer serve your needs
  • Providing liquidity for a long-time departing shareholder, or
  • Funding an acquisition


Similarly, you may be asking yourself, who can I ask to get professional, objective advice about pursuing an acquisition that may have become timely or imperative?


Maybe family or personal circumstances have changed, possibly unexpectedly, that require planning for an effective way to generate liquidity or an ownership transition for some or all of your shareholders.


And what about that stack of letters that you have received from financial entrepreneurs who want to "recapitalize" your company?


You know that many investment banks just want to sell your company and don't have the time or interest to help you with most of these issues. Your trusted long-time lawyer does not have the financial knowledge to answer most of your questions either.


If these issues or facts sound familiar, then you can understand why the principals of Angeles Capital Group saw the need to provide financial advice to middle market companies such as yours.


We take the time to learn your business and goals, analyze your financial alternatives, and then explain the implications for shareholder value.


We focus on advice, and have the financial expertise and operating knowledge to help you develop solid financial plans for each of these circumstances. Equally important, we have the experience in the financial markets to execute the transactions that are right for you at the right time.




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