Objective Advice on Investments

Angeles Capital Group was formed by experienced investment bankers and operating executives who believe that there is a void in the capital markets for objective financial advice relating to market conditions, trends, alternatives, and consequences for middle market companies.


Most investment banks do not offer objective advice because their overhead requires them to recommend transactions that match their investor or referral base, or leverage their trading and research infrastructure.


In contrast, Angeles Capital Group has built its business model around offering professional, objective advice, both transactional and non-transactional. We understand that the best recommendation may be to NOT do a transaction immediately.


For example, managers frequently need help in developing their operations well before any transaction is needed or appropriate. Our assistance will help you increase value and improve your decisions relating to raising capital or providing liquidity.


Furthermore, we have the right combination of transaction experience, contacts in industry, knowledge of financial markets, and understanding of operating issues to provide practical, realistic, and objective advice.


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A Customized Approach to Fit Your Exact Needs

We use a customized approach for each client and consider multiple alternatives for enhancing shareholder value.


Our recommendations reflect your needs and our assessment of current conditions in the financial markets.


As part of our approach, we listen first and then consult with you throughout your assignment. The net result is that we give you choices so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions to increase shareholder value.


More importantly, we recommend plans that are right for you, not what are convenient or easy for us.


Our Distinct Advantage Over Competitors

Our customized approach and focus on advice translate into:

  • Greater shareholder value
  • Higher levels of certainty
  • Better overall terms


Why? Quite simply it comes from dealing with:


Experienced people with the highest level of integrity and objectivity

  • We don't have research or trading that could distort our advice
  • Our business is built around advice, not transactions


Professionals that provide customized service for you

  • You receive a better result that better matches your goals
  • Confidentiality is assured and tightly controlled



Objective Advice

Customized Approach

Distinct Advantage

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