For Non-Control Investors

Employee Stock Ownership Plans, estates, and other significant minority shareholders eventually are faced with decisions regarding liquidity and value for their beneficiaries or related constituents.


These matters frequently arise in conjunction with transactions or developments in which the management or controlling shareholders of a company have conflicting interests with the ESOP, estate, or minority shareholders.


As a result, if you are considering, or need to complete, a liquidity event, then you need an advisor that represents your best interests, not those of management or the controlling shareholders. Equally important, you need Angeles Capital Group because of our professional experience in:


  • Valuing illiquid securities or securities with restrictive rights,
  • Negotiating transactions that generate liquidity, and
  • Understanding financial terms related to call and put rights, lockups, tag-along and drag-along rights, registration rights, and rights of first refusal.


Underpinning these skills is our focus on sound, practical advice. We take the time to learn your objectives and timing issues. Based on your situation, we will identify your choices, and develop a plan that protects your interests and generates the maximum value for your beneficiaries.




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